Chris' Electrical Service, Inc.
Serving Louisiana since 1990

Chris' Electrical Service, Inc. Company Fleet

At Chris' Electrical Service, Inc. we emphasize and maintain a thorough safety culture. This also applies to our company fleet.
We at Chris' Electrical Service, Inc. promote safe, environmentally friendly, and economical driving. It is one of our top priorities that company drivers follow these principles 100% at all times.

So, what is it that we do to ensure safety and to reduce the impact on the environment?
  • Practice Extensive Driver Education: Our employees are expected to provide both excellent electrical work to our customers and absolutely safe driving.
  • Promote smart driving: Smart driving, also known as eco-driving, aims to improve road safety and decrease pollution. The aim of Smart Driving is to encourage drivers to anticipate the road in front of them and drive as smoothly as possible, avoiding aggressive acceleration and harsh braking.
  • Meticulous Journey Planning for Mileage Reduction: Making only necessary, well planned trips equals a decrease in CO2 emissions.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: The mechanical condition of vehicles can have massive impact on fuel economy and therefore vehicle emissions.
We feel that by being a corporate responsibly organization we are able to give back directly to the wonderful and supportive community that you, our customers, as well we ourselves belong to.

All vehicles of our company fleet have a vehicle number printed on the rear. If you have any questions or concerns in reference to a specific vehicle belonging to our fleet, please to not hesitate to contact us at 1-337-981-0671.
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