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Electrical Dictionary for Our Customers

The electrical field, just like any other field, has its own language. We at Chris' Electrical Service, Inc. realize that we speak this language all day every day, but out customers may not be so fluent. This is why we put an Electrical Dictionary together for you, a list of important and frequently used electrical vocabulary. We do not just do the work for you. We want you, our customer, to be on board at all times and know exactly what it is that we are doing. By now means is our Electrical Dictionary a complete list of things there are to know about electricity and related services and products. It's meant to give you a general overview of words and phrases that you will frequently run into when having electrical work done. Read and/or download our Electrical Dictionary here.
You would like to learn even more about electricity? Great! Here are some links we feel are very helpful and great resources for knowledge about the field we are so enthusiastic about:
is a website that is dedicated to explaining how the world arounds us works. Click here to access their electricity library to read interesting articles and watch informative videos.

Articles about Electricity
is a website launched by William J. Beaty, an electrical engineer with the University of Washington. He does a great job of explaining electrical matters in easy to understand everyday language.

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